Giving students choice is evil?

Trevor Mallard thinks that giving students the same choices that everyone else in?the?country has, over whether or not to belong to a union, is evil.

Senior Labour MP Trevor Mallard says the only way the opposition has of stopping a bill it fundamentally disagrees with is to delay it for as long as possible.

“It’s a very serious filibuster, we think the bill is evil but not a cent extra is spent because Parliament hasn’t gone beyond 10pm on any day that bill has been considered,” he told Newstalk ZB.

Labour has deliberately delayed debate for about six months by debating minor points on other legislation, costing millions of dollars in wasted parliamentary time.

Labour really picks dumb fights to have a crack.

Labour has been trying to build the meme that John Key is evil for nearly 6 years and now this week their brilliant campaign manager has decided that instead of John Key it is freedom of association that is evil.

How truly sad and irrelevant have Labour become that they think giving students choice over belonging to a union is “evil”.

No wonder Labour are crippled in the polls, their campaign is being run by a political cripple.