How about "A Big Gay Waste of Money"

Nikki Kaye is struggling to find relevance. She is trying to come up with a name for a big waste of public money.

Nikki Kaye searching fro relevance

How about “A Big Gay Waste of Money”?

or “LGBTs should pay for their own festival”?

or No Public Funding for Pride?

Or “Rebuild Christchurch, don?t spend money on Pride”?

Or “More operations in public hospitals, Less public money spent on Pride”?

As readers know I preach tolerance as indicated by the election policy on gay marriage in the 2010 local body elections. Regular readers will also know that it has a hatred of wasting public money on stupid things that should be self funded. ?Nikki Kaye?s pandering to the LBGT community is a pragmatic electoral move, so good on her for that, just don?t expect the rest of us to pay for it.

Reminder: ??????The tipline should stop getting messages that Nikki Kaye is a lesbian because she is not.