How close are Labour and the NZEI?

There is always some skulduggery being planned and hatched between the unions and Labour, especially when there is a National Government.

The NZEI have gone to war with Education Minister Anne Tolley over National Standards. Sue Moroney was in the thick of it, even turning up to help Michael Wood during the Botany by-election helping the ECE teachers agitate at the NZEI jack-up of a “public” meeting.

There has always been a suspicion of collusion between the unions and Labour but until now there was never any documentary proof.

This link goes to the NZEI website. It probably won’t last long after this post goes live. SO I have downloaded the file and put it on

How to Do a Successful March – An email from Sue Moroney

They put it up last year in reaction to Budget 2010 ECE changes (they want all ECE teachers to be qualified – because more qualified teachers means more union subs going into NZEI bank account – this is not about kids for them and never has been)

Anyway, the whole campaign was a spectacular failure – but what is interesting is that all of the less than helpful hints were supplied by Sue Moroney – and all this time NZEI have been too lazy or inept to take her name off the bottom.

Moroney finishes with these immortal words:

At this point you think there is no light at the end of the tunnel! But I?m telling you there is and it is all worth it!!! KEEP GOING!!!!

Presumably the light is a train coming towards them.