How does Nikki Kaye justify her campaign for gay pride?

One of the most read bloggers in the world, Andrew Sullivan, is also gay. He is also one of my favourite bloggers.?He writes about gay pride:

I haven’t been to a Pride event in years, maybe a decade. My view is that they can be great therapy and empowerment for those just coming to terms with being out, but can end up enforcing some ghastly, single “gay identity” memes I don’t really believe in. My hope has always been that as civil rights are extended and formal equality achieved, we can move past gay and straight to human, and within that broader category have far more niches, sub-sub-cultures, individuals and experiments in living as possible. The gay pride thing is so … well,?gay. It was once a gateway; now it feels more like a holding pen.

Does Auckland really need a gay pride event when a writer like Andrew Sullivan is saying they are …?well, gay.?