Interesting Sentencing

There has been a conclusion to the case of the so-called former “national figure” who was convicted of indecent assault in a Nelson court.

A former national figure who was this morning convicted and sentenced to 15 months jail, has been released on bail.

The man’s lawyer Jonathan Eaton filed an appeal on the man’s conviction and sentence today and he was granted bail at 11.30am, one hour after he was sentenced to prison by Judge Behrens in the Nelson District Court.

Mr Eaton said it would take four or five months for an appeal to be heard and the man could be released within seven and a-half months, meaning he would have served most of his sentence before the appeal was decided.

Judge Behrens said the accused had still not acknowledged his guilt and he could not take into account his good character references when setting the sentence, and did not allow him home detention instead of jail.

Crown lawyer Mike Turner said there had been a gross breach of trust against the victim and she had been vulnerable to his offending because of her age and their relationship.

The man was found guilty by a Nelson jury in May on three charges of indecently assaulting his stepdaughter.

The Crown said that the man touched the girl’s breasts underneath her T-shirt while they were alone watching TV at a Nelson home on December 30, 2009.

This guy is so afraid of his own name he even got his lawyer to lay a complaint against me for naming him previously. I already have a conviction for naming him but once again it shows that all I have done is name pervs, rapist and kiddy-fiddlers. This man is on the streets of Nelson on bail and no one is allowed to know who he is. That is wrong.

Several idiots have emailed me laughing about it being a National politician…it isn’t. There is another party in parliament that likes to display former MPs photos on the walls of their office, but?strangely?this one is missing.

This case also proves why I have Rule number 12 in Whaleoil’s Rules of Politics.