Is John Key a hypocrite?

John Key says that, unlike Labour, National won’t be campaigning on the referendum issues. Good, they need to concentrate on retaining the Treasury benches.

However John Key did see his way to making this statement:

Mr Key says MMP has settled down and has some real advantages.

“Proportional voting systems allow greater ethnic diversity and a better gender balance.”

Perhaps he would like to sort out his own party’s Gender balance before he praises up the benefits of MMP. Maybe he could suggest to the President and Board that National’s own selection processes start using MMP to ensure a better gender balance within the party. If he moves swiftly he could have it implemented in time for the list ranking before conference.

Of course he could bypass all that by introducing four new women to caucus through the board appointments and give high list positions to the three women candidates running in seats. The tip line has suggested a number of women who are going to get list only positions, and this will be covered in the next few days.