Labour are losers

The Labour party and their leader can’t take a trick.

Seven months out from the election and Maori voters have said they prefer Hone Harawira over Phil Goff and Labour.

They are hopeless losers, they couldn’t even beat Hone Harawira’s motley crew of the indigent with their much vaunted but hopeless “get out the vote” machine.

Then to top off losing to Hone Harawira, Phil Goff goes and makes a great victory speech that is so full of errors as to be embarrassing.

So due to Labour’s incompetence they now face a resurgent hard left with hangers on like Sue Bradford, Matt McCarten and John minto eating into their thin support.

Now all of New Zealand knows that a vote for Phil Goff is a vote for Hone Harawira and who ever he brings to parliament with him. If Helen Clark thought the Maori party were the least cab off the rank and “haters and wreckers” then one can only imagine what Phil Goff must think about having to deal with Hone Harawira now.

It’s a pity though because Kelvin Davis is a good guy who has genuinely achieved in his area of expertise. He will be ruing taking Phil Goff on the election trail with him. The man is the reverse Midas.

Phil Goff photo - Clowns