Labour is playing a smart game against Gerry

Labour have had a horror week, hammered by non-existent internet security and clear proof that they are cheating Parliamentary Services as well as breaching the Privacy Act. This week doesn?t look much better as Whale v Duck is going to raise its ugly head and divert attention away from Labour?s campaign plan. Unfortunately for Labour they have a massive ego in their crippled campaign manager, and he seems hell bent on making a bike race against a blogger the focal point of the campaign in a time where Labour need a clear message on something other than ?Whale v Duck?.

National?s Earthquake Recovery Minister is giving Labour a chance to shine, and as you might expect with the lack of strategic brains in the Labour Party hierarchy, they are succeeding by doing nothing. Labour was?always?going to play earthquake politics but two subsequent earthquakes got in the way of their feeble planning. Luckily they are blessed with a bigger moron being in charge of the recovery.

Leader Phil Goff yesterday said the Government’s response was not good enough, and Cantabrians needed more certainty about their futures and whether they would be able to rebuild. They should not be “fobbed off” by Mr Brownlee.”People have been through three sets of earthquakes, three lots of liquefaction, they want to know what’s going to happen in their lives and to their homes and their future,” he said.

Goff takes the easy option saying it is not good enough, and lets the media go around asking the ample bloke ?when are you actually going to do anything Gerry?? Gerry then says ?everyone has to be patient?, ensuring the media frenzy continues as they want answers not to be treated like preschoolers wanting an early lunch. A great negative news cycle that will last until Captain Panic Pants lays down the law and makes Gerry give a deadline. Even if the deadline is tomorrow it is too late because the media are pissed off with Gerry for fobbing them off, and will find reasons to create more bad news for him no matter what he says.