Labour Leaks – Education through Advertising

You have to love Google Ads.

Education through advertising

Meanwhile Stuff mis-represents my position. I have not backed down at all, I just think that rather than focus on the people who have scrimped and saved to give $7.50 or $9.25 to Labour for a donation that the focus should still be on labour for the incredibly hopeless situation they put themselves and the donors and members who face this situation through the fault of Labour to adequately protect their information.

This story is n’t about the battlers who mistakenly thought Labour would keep their data secure it is about Labour’s inability to run a simple website and their complete incompetence since it was revealed.

Labour talks about how they moved to close the loopholes swiftly after being altered to the issue. The simple fact is that had David Fisher not rung them asking for comment their site and the 6 months worth of backups, logs and files would still be exposed to the world.

I broke this story because Labour had left the site exposed for more than 10 weeks perhaps longer. I checked every day and every day they failed to close the loopholes.

The donors are not my focus. They are perfectly entitled to freely donate to labour, and they should continue to do so if they still have confidence in them. Labour sure as hell needs their money.

Labour tried from the very first day to paint this as some sort of malicious smear and attack by National and that annoys me hugely. It annoys me because national had nothing to do with either alerting me or as Labour have constantly lied handing data to me. Their IT staff are on slightly above Labour’s on the muppet level, I mean going in and leaving footprints everywhere wasn’t exactly smart was it?

The fact that Labour have only released select lines of massive logs as somehow proof of some master conspiracy just raises more questions. Were the logsd and reports they released provided by the same muppets that left the site exposed for months on end? Where are the rest of the logs? What other ip addresses accessed this data? When is Labour going to announce that ip addresses from the USA to The ukraine accessed this data as the logs show going back as far as October 2010.

So far every lie they have told I have refuted and refuted with data. If they keep on lying about ip addresses I will post entire logs showing ip address access to their data every month until the election. Let them explain the database downloads from China and the Ukraine and the US and let them try to say that those were done by National party operative.

The more they lie the more data I will release. But I won’t release data in their terms it will be on mine and in my timeframe.

Meanwhile they should start sending staff on some remedial training courses. If Labour can’t run a website they sure as hell can’t be trusted to run a country.