Labour Leaks – How I did it

Labour and their proxy bloggers have been telling a great many lies about how I got access to their website, to their credit card donations and to their membership lists.

They have lied from beginning to end about the situation that exposes their members and donors to public scrutiny.

They even enlisted John Pagani to continue the smears by asserting that the National?party?gave me the information about the exposure to ensure their hands were clean. I absolutely refute those allegations. They have produced a few ip addresses to somehow prove that it was National that told me. This is fanciful.

On the server that I obtained the information there were 4 websites, they were,, and Anyone going to Labour’s online campaign lets-not site would ahve had their ip address captured. Grant Robertson mentions the huge response and Trevor Mallard boasts about the amount of traffic my site directed to Labour’s site and unsurprisingly I bet more than a few MPs and other party staff visited. I have the full logs of these sites, perhaps they would like me to publish them to prove that it is me telling the truth and them that is spinning.

National has not been involved in this release, like I would trust them to keep this information quiet for as long as I?have?been in Labour’s backend. John Pagani simply lies to suggest otherwise, as does Moira Coatsworth and Chris Flatt.

TV3 were going to run a video that I made showing how I accessed the details. They have pulled their clip because of the Christchurch?earthquake. I knew that Labour would go?personal, I knew they would fling mud and I knew that they would call me a hacker. So before I pulled the trigger on this series of leaks I made a video to prove how I accessed their data.

The video is damning. People should be sacked. The story is not about who accessed their site when, it is about the fact that ANYONE could and did.

Labour has failed in their duty to care to members and donors to keep their details private. They published those details in the public domain, open to anyone who cared to look. The information is still available in the Google cache proving it was open to the world and now?cached?forever by Google.

Labour has been caught red-handed using parliamentary services funding to host websites, collect donations and membership fees and staff working in parliamentary services to process this information. The reason I leaked the minutes on Sunday was to show that Labour has a policy of using?parliamentary?services to benefit the Labour party. I have the electronic evidence to prove it and they can spin all they like about staffers wearing different hats and being part time but the fact remains is that these transactions?occurred?from PS computers, on PS funded servers for the?benefit?of the Labour Party and that is against the law and against the rules.

At the very least Chris Flatt should be sacked or resign, Moira Coatsworth should go too along with any Parliamentary Services staffer caught doing Labour party work on the payroll of the public.

Meanwhile I still have the data in a safe place. I will continue to analyse it and identify conflicts and publish them at my leisure.