Labour Leaks – Online Donations

There are three rules anyone who runs a website handling credit cards lives by:


These are the only three rules to running any website that accepts credit card information in exchange for goods or a service.

On this score the New Zealand Labour Party has failed appallingly.

Trevor Mallard made much of their vaunted donations that were pouring in on Red Alert and their asset sales campaign.

Trevor Mallard says:

Thanks guys for your support ? and no not everyone of the 200k views or 10k viewers have donated. But hundreds are and even if it only $10 or $20 that is useful because it has meant that the campaign has more cash for investment in later phases. Most friends or even right wingers don?t want to sell assets and have been prepared to support this campaign.

So how much cash have they gathered?

Records obtained from Labour sources show that they have raised just $11,831.50 online. Looks like Labour’s kitty is going to be pretty empty come the election. As I showed yesterday Labour North are not in any better shape having just over $5000 in the bank.

During Labour’s asset sales push Trevor Mallard was also mounting an attack on me and donations to my legal fund. He even made a special post about it. To show him how generous the VRWC is Cactus Kate made an online donation to Labour of $10.00. She mocked Trevor for it mercilessly at the time.

Cactus Kate mocks MallardIf anyone is in any doubt that the transactions that I have obtained are fake, test or development then doubt no more. Here is that transaction that she commented on.

Cactus Kate Donation to Labour

Her donation is one of nearly 500 for signs, and membership renewals. I expect to reveal examples of those transactions later today.

The total online donations and membership renewals total just $11,831.50. Labour are broken-arsed, despite brave claims by Trevor Mallard in his posts about the success of the campaign. If Mallard thinks $11,000 in donations is spectacular success it says a great deal about where he?s taking Labour.

What is even more hilarious is that if in the?unlikely?even that Trevor Mallard beats me in the infamous Whale vs Duck cycle race then Cactus Kate will become Labour’s biggest donor with $1000 going in the kitty. She will have contributed 9% of their campaign fund.

These donation lists have been public for months and I reject any claim that I am a thief or a bludger (Eddie/Jenny Michie, I?m not reposting your link).

Labour makes a great deal of fuss about political donations, in fact they even passed the odious Electoral Finance Act to shed sunlight upon donations. Likewise the Greens have made representations on electoral law reform that suggests that all donations be made public.

Accordingly in line with their previous assertions Labour has made about donors and donations, ?I think sunlight is the best disinfectant here and so their online donations will be published. They have been public anyway for at least the three months I have been looking at them.

One of the most startling things I noticed from these transactions, is that some are being processed by parliamentary services staff. Through out the files you can see transactions processed by David Talbot. He is a staffer, paid by parliamentary services who works in Phil Goff’s office.

This is a huge conflict, and raises questions about how the Labour?party?is handling its affairs.

Why would a Labour Party Leaders Office staffer be handling credit card transactions?

Before anyone gets uppity, if other parties are doing this and I suspect they are, and I am given proof I will out them too.

Sadly for Phil Goff, slack security means that there are hundreds of pages of names and membership details that Labour itself has published for us to examine.

I remain confident that as we examine these names ? we will all feel more informed about the political process in this country.

Should any of these names ring alarm bells for you ? give me a yell on the tipline.

Keep an eye out at?2 o?clock?today.