Labour Leaks – Part 1

This morning the David Fisher from the ?Herald on Sunday has a small taste of what I will release in the coming week of documents about the Labour Party.

I decided to release one document early to the HoS because they followed up my teaser of yesterday.

A major security lapse within the Labour Party appears to have exposed top secret political information and personal financial details.

The information has fallen into the hands of Cameron Slater, who publishes the Whale Oil blog.

Slater said he had emails, financial details, party planning information and membership data.

“Nothing illegal was done to access the information. The information is?freely available to anybody who knows where to look.”

I will?progressively?release the information over the coming weeks.

The first document though is minutes of a campaign planning meeting for Labour North. It shows financial details, plans to rort the system to benefit the Labour Party and the use of overseas professional political consultants.

Minutes LPN

[Note: There are highlights in the document, they are left unaltered and are from the original, they mean something only to the Labour Party and left there to show that I?have?the original as distributed]

It has long been suspected that Labour uses Parliamentary Services as its own cash cow. They were found to have illegally used Parliamentray Services funding to the tune of $840,000 in the 2005 election and were forced to pay it back. Last week I also caught them using parliamentary funding and resources for brochures. That was a taster of what was to come. Now I have documentary evidence that the Labour party wishes to use parliamentary services to benefit, not the constituents of their electorates, but instead just the Labour party.

Labour want to benefit themselves from Parliamentary Services

This excerpt shows clearly that Labour thinks parliamentary services exists for their benefit. It is hardly surprising when the minutes were written and distributed by?parliamentary?services staffers.

Labour MP Darien Fenton denied the party used Parliamentary Services to fund campaign or party business.

She said minutes of meetings were taken by volunteers and could contain errors.

However, she conceded that there had been pressure to use the Parliamentary staff member for party business.

“It has been an area of tension. It is an ongoing discussion with them about how we protect the role of the staff member and the MP.

“I’ve said they can’t use the office for a whole range of things. I’m really confident I’ve done nothing wrong.”

Fenton was concerned by the leak of information. “I have no idea how he would have got that information.”

Unfortunately for Darien Fenton she lied. she knows it too, because one of the attendees at the meeting and one of those in the circulation list is Gina Giordani, a parliamentary services worker in her electorate office, who uses, and continues to use a email to do Labour party business on.

I will be writing to Speaker Lockwood Smith and to the General Manager of parliamentary Services asking for a full inquiry of the use of parliamentary services staff and resources for the benefit of the Labour Party. I will in due course provide all my evidence of a systematic rorting of the?Parliamentary?Service by the Labour party, including the naming of names.