Labour Leaks – Privacy and Labour's donors

R0B at The Standard says that Labour party donors shouldn?t be grumpy with the Labour Party for their lack of respect of privacy principles.? He says:

??if you are pissed off, please don?t blame some hapless web admin working for Labour, please blame the people who took this information and illegally made it public.?

He?s right of course.? The donors, and the party membership as a whole, shouldn?t blame some ?hapless web admin working for Labour?. At the very least it should be General Secretary Chris Flatt or the President Moira Coatsworth. ?They are responsible for the systems to ensure the Labour Party meets basic standards of security of personal and Party information. This would never have happened if John Pagani had won the battle for the position of General Secretary.

Labour continue to spin, lie and denigrate without telling the truth. They should remember that I have all the logs and if they don’t come clean, I will. Moira Coatsworth says they can pin it to a National party ip address, I say that is a lie. There are months worth of logs, to pick just one ip address an ascribe it to some sort of?conspiracy?is farcical and they just look silly doing it.

Let?s be clear there is an onus on every organisation to have a duty of care when dealing with individual?s private information ? including their financial and personal details.

At a very basic level the Privacy Act controls how organisations collect, use, disclose, store and give access to “personal information”.

Principle 5(a)(ii) and 5(a)(iii) of the Act applies to the Labour Party and their complete disregard for the appropriate storage of personal information.

An?agency that hold personal information shall ensure –

(a) that the information is protected, by such security safeguards as it is reasonable in the circumstances to take, against –

(ii)?access, use, modification, or?disclosure, except with the authority of the agency that holds the information;?and

(iii) other misuse

No hacking took place.? The information was very simply available online. I even tested it with one of my not-so-IT-savvy friends.

Donors to the Labour Party have every right to be angry, but not with me.? The Labour Party failed in their duty of care to protect your information, not me.? If anything I have done a great service to highlight the Labour Party?s inadequacies in their security of information.

I would advise all Labour Party members to complain to the Privacy Commissioner Marie Shroff for a full investigation, and to ensure the Labour Party has appropriate systems in place to protect any information you provide in the future.

I am?awaiting?legal advice as to how much of the donor list I can legally release. It may well be in full but I need that advice to come through before relasing the list.

What I can tell you is that Labour continues to tell lies. They claim they are contacting more than 18,000 donors. There aren’t that many, there are only 452. Labour can’t be trusted to keep your data secure and they certainly can’t be trusted to tell the truth.

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