Labour's creepy illegal adverts

ACT on Campus have published one of Labour’s student brochures. It is seriously creepy, not to mention illegal. This is yet more evidence that Labour thinks electoral advertising rules don’t apply to them.

Just look at how tiny they’ve made the Parliamentary Crest. And if you look closely, you’ll see that the full crest isn’t even there! That isn’t a problem with my scanner, it’s the same on the?original. It’s printed so small that only the inside “NZ HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES” text is present. No outline and no crown on the top.

There is also no authorisation statement and the Parliamentary Crest isn’t the same size as as the Labour log as required by Parliamentary Services rules. Labour should be made to withdraw and repay these brochures and they should be prosecuted for again breaching the Electoral Commissions rules regarding promoter/authoriser statements.

Labour's creepy student brochure

front view

Labour's creepy student brochure

back view