Labour's dirty tricks underway

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The attached was bought for $2 at a school fair. Where precisely? I don’t know, nor do I know where the proceeds are going.

John Key is Awesome

To cut a long story short – it’s a cheap and infantile?20 page booklet that attacks John Key.?It’s pretty disgraceful, has a none too subtle stab at the PM’s upbringing, his wealth, his popularity etc etc etc.

You get the idea.

It also includes a?piece quoting ficitcious politics student and?’intern’ Mary-Sue Cartland who apparently ‘felt a moistening in my panties’ at the sight of John Key, who?spies on the PM in the shower, and?tries to convince him to have an affair with her.

This ‘comic’?would be offensive if it wasn’t so pathetic.

Anyway – this piece of propaganda is claimed?by?Clive Townsend (his name’s?on the second page as the ‘supposed’ author).? He describes?Mr Key as ‘our best prime minister since Bill Rowling and maybe our best Jewish Prime Minister since Julius Vogel.’

A quick Google search reveals that in Comic-geek-land.? Clive Townsend collaborates with a guy called Brent Willis, who helpfully confirms for us that he works at the Parliamentary Library.??As those links show, Clive Townsend and Brent Willis even share the same Post Office box and phone contacts.

Who else do we know who used to work in the Parliamentary Library as a neutral public servant?? One Clinton Smith aka Steve Pierson who now works for Phil Goff – who has multiple psuedonyms on the Standard – and was found in breach of electoral laws at the last election for this sort of anti-John Key propaganda.

History repeating?? Labour’s dirty tricks are underway.

UPDATE: A?reader?has found some images of Brent Willis.

Brent Willis

And here’s the Organisational Chart for the NZ Parliamentary Library from Feb this year, complete with a Brent Willis and Clint Smith.

I wonder how National could rely on anything produced by this cabal of fifth columnists in the parliamentary library.