Leading with his chin

Darren Hughes should have just STFU, but no he couldn’t do it. He had to come out as declare to all the world that he had survived false allegations. Tracy Watkins takes this apart:

Police appear to have rejected claims by former MP Darren Hughes that he was the victim of a false complaint after they decided not to charge him over an incident involving an 18-year-old student.

An advocate for male sex abuse victims said yesterday that he was worried the outcome would deter other young men and women from coming forward if they believed they had been sexually assaulted.

After a long-running inquiry, police said this week that they had decided not to charge Mr Hughes because the allegations against him did not reach “the evidential threshold required to bring charges”.

In a statement issued after the police decision, Mr Hughes said he had been falsely accused of a serious crime he did not commit.

But asked yesterday about Mr Hughes’ statement, police responded that they had no concerns about the validity of the complaint against him. They would not comment further.

Talking about leading with his chin. The Police have said basically that they believe the complainant had a genuine complaint but that there simply wasn’t enough evidence to pursue a prosecution or to even lay?charges. That is a long, long way from vindication, false accusations or?exoneration, but then again when diod that stop a Labour politician spinning like a Fisher and Paykel.

Phil Goff still has a great many questions to answer for his role in all of this. Why he chose to keep everything secret fro three weeks, why he tried to keep it secret for even longer, why he said Darren had done nothing wrong, then gave him the arse but with a rider on record that he could come back if the Police didn’t charge him.

The last question of course is which labour MP high enough up the list will come off the list so Darren can return to parliament after the election?

Derek Cheng at the Herald runs Hughes’ spin ad mauseum repeating?constantly?throughout his article that “he has been cleared of sex charges“, also quoting Bryce Edwards who is usually more circumspect to jump to such conclusions. Hughes has not be cleared of anything, he simply hasn’t been charged.