Len! Watch out for the Taniwha bro

Len Brown’s dream (nightmare) of a rail loop paid for by other people has hit a rather nasty snag.

Apparently it can’t be built without upsetting a mythical beast.

Auckland’s dream train project, the $2.6 billion city loop, might have another problem to face – Horotiu the taniwha.

While the government says the project is un-economic, Mayor Len Brown has staked his political future on a tunnel under the central city linking Britomart station to Mt Eden.

But, says Maori Statutory Board member Glenn Wilcox, no one has asked the local Ngati Whatua about it at all.

And they are supposed to as the iwi was here first, he said.

“What’s being done about the taniwha Horotiu who lives just outside here, and that tunnel will be going right through his rohe (area),” Wilcox told the Auckland City Council’s transport committee.

He said today he is surprised that the council officials did not have answers, because they were not considering the Maori in planning the city.

Well I reckon Len Brown should just set a bag limit on taniwha and open the season to run?indefinitely. He won’t of course and this taniwha will be appeased in the usual way…great big huge gobs of other peoples money being poured into the coffers of the taniwha’s keepers.

I wonder how the green tossers that want to foist a rail loop on us feel now? Especially about disturbing the pristine natural environment of a taniwha in order to build a train track.