MMPs proponents discriminate against the LGBT Community

In today?s Broadside, MMP proponent and scum list MP Jacinda Ardern describes SM in the following way:

Let’s not pretend though that MMP is a perfect system but, equally, let’s not kid ourselves that FPP was better, or that some of the alternatives are either (supplementary member for instance is essentially FPP in drag – despite what some of the National Party will tell you).

Let’s not” pretend that anyone on the right could get away with discriminating against drag queens without the left going mental. Being well known and well practiced hypocrites they can attack an electoral system by saying it is like a drag queen, as if being a drag queen is bad, rather than a legitimate lifestyle choice.

The left seem hell bent on making this the nastiest, most negative campaign in the history of New Zealand, where they will do anything to avoid engaging on the issue. They will attack the messenger, they will name call, they will persecute transgender people, and they will refuse to talk about the electoral system.

Jacinda should learn to be more tolerant, especially with the large LGBT community in Auckland Central. It is New Zealand’s gayest electorate and yet she wants to use a derogatory term to slander an alternative viewpoint.

Labour like to say they are gay friendly yet we have the above comments from Jacinda Ardern and Trevor Mallard has attacked Chris Finlayson, not for his beliefs, but for his sexual preferences. I wonder what Maryan Street, Grant Robertson, Charles Chauvel and Darren Hughes think of the party they represent or have represented using nasty intolerant anti-LBGT epithets to attack someone who thinks differently from them?