Now wonder we haven't won the World Cup since 1987

Is it any wonder that we haven’t won the world cup since 1987. Rugby has apparently gone g.a.y.

The Rugby Union has stopped kids winning their matches by more than 35 points, saying it makes the game more enjoyable.

But one coach describes the changes as “political correctness gone mad” and says he and other coaches will lobby for the new rule to be dropped.

Under the NZRU’s Small Blacks development programme for children aged 13 and under, coaches from opposing sides can meet at halftime if one side has put on 35 or more points against the other to agree on how they can “generate a more-even contest”.

A score of 100-nil is now posted as 35-nil – the maximum points differential allowed.

If a side wins 90 to 5, the score is recorded as 40 to 5.

A sound thrashing never hurt anyone and a team that follows through and crushes a weak opponent learns the killer instinct. All this policy from the soft cocks currently heading up teh Rugby Union will do is make games finish a whole lot earlier because there is no point going on once you get past 35 points in front.

There is nothing wrong with winning and winning hard out. It is attitudes like this that are handicapping our country. It is ok to call the other team losers, because they are. The losers need to train better and harder otherwise they will just keep on being losers.

In 1987 Buck Shelford sorted out this nut-grabbing Welsh opponent by snotting him in a line out this Welsh joker who had dragged Gary Whet?ton out of a maul & started belt?ing him around the head and when the Welsh git woke up he also got sent off, while Buck Shelford sauntered back tot eh line out. This is the kind of killer instinct we need to see more of.

We need to nip this sort of nancy boy behaviour in the bud right now and get hard as a country.