Oh what a surprise

Hone Harawira’s left wing bandwagon got rolling at the weekend and there is no surprise that they are going after Labour’s voters.

The Mana Party is threatening to take votes off both theMaori Party and Labour at the general election later this year.

Buoyed by Hone Harawira’s success in the Tai Tokerau by-election over the weekend, the Mana Party held its founding conference in a school near Whangarei yesterday.

They discussed core policy issues including the cost of living, employment, education and not putting a deadline on Treaty settlements.

Mana was not solely concerned with the Maori vote, it was also going after the young and the poor, Labour’s traditional strong-hold.

“The issues are pretty simple; people in the land of milk and honey are starving. Somebody’s got to change that. It’s not going to be National and it sure don’t look like it’s going to be Labour,” Harawira said.

This makes it cartain now that a vote for Phil Goff is a vote for Hone Harawira plus whatever assorted motley losers he can drag in with him under MMP. Just like ACT is mocked for rorting the MMP system so too can we add the Mana party to the groups to mock for rorting MMP.

Labour leader?Phil Goff said his party’s candidate had done well to narrow Harawira’s majority to 867 and would be campaigning hard in Tai Tokerau in November.

“Kelvin was able to take a Maori seat with one of the largest majorities, and make it a marginal Maori seat we can win at the next election. That is an amazing achievement.”

What is amazing is that Phil Goff can’t get his facts straight when he had 5 weeks to get spin lined up for losing. Te Tai Tokerau was the 4th largest majority int he Maori seats. If you can’t run a website or get basic facts right then you can’t run a country.

Labour’s already thin vote is going to get thinner. The only wonder now is when it wills tart showing in the polls.