Out of the VRWC and now officially G.A.Y.

Farrar is so left-wing he has been permanently booted from the VRWC. He is off our mailing lists and secret communications from Crosby|Textor and Karl Rove.

He has always been suspect and now we have proof that, to use the Andrew Sullivan definition, he is also gay.

Despite the cheapness of the lot, the car was fine. In fact it was brand new ? only 300 miles on the odometer. The car was a Prius, which Anna (who votes Greens) was very happy about, while my focus was on more practical matters such as the fact there is no ignition key.

I shake my head in disbelief. Jet-lag cannot even explain why he had to blog that. I was sick just a little bit in my mouth when I read it and I feel sick just writing about it.

The only thing more gay than a Prius is Fossy’s Gay ute.

Jeff Dunham and Walter know what is what when it comes to a Toyota Prius.