Phil Goff's continuing record on asset sales

Phil Goff continues to grandstand on asset sales. He says he is protecting assets from the rapacious evil overseas investor. But what is his record on asset sales?

Well, we have already seen that he is the Sale-master General when it comes to asset sales compared with John Key.

It would also appear, from Hansard, far be it for me to argue with Hansard, that Phil Goff voted against a bill that would have “guaranteed the ownership of assets strategically important to New Zealand


“Hon. WARREN COOPER (Otago): I rise in support of the initiative of the member for Marlborough in introducing a Bill that will guarantee that the ownership of assets strategically important to New Zealand is preserved.”


The House divided on the question, That leave be given to introduce the Petroleum Corporation of?New Zealand Limited (Retention of?New Zealand Ownership and Control) Bill.

Ayes 26 Anderson; Birch; Burdon; Cooper; East; Gerard; Graham; Kidd; Kyd; Lee; Luxton; McClay; McCully; McLean; Maxwell, R. F. H.; Meurant; Munro; O’Regan; Peters; Shipley; Storey; Upton; Wellington; Williamson.

Tellers: Gray; McTigue.

Noes 38 Anderton; Bassett; Boorman; Braybrooke; Butcher; Caygill; Clark; Cullen; Dillon; Douglas; Elder; Fraser;?Goff; Hunt; Jeffries; Kelly; Matthewson; Moore; Moyle; Neilson; Northey; Robertson; Rodger; Scott; Shields; Simpson; Sutherland; Sutton,J.R.; Sutton,W.D.; Tapsell; Tennet; Terris; Tirikatene-Sullivan; Wetere; Woollaston; Young,T.J.

Tellers: Austin; Mallard.


For: Angus; Bolger; Falloon; Gair; Grant; McKinnon; Marshall, D. W. A.; Muldoon; Richardson; Young, V.S.

Against: Gerbic; King; Kirk; Lange; Marshall, C. R.; Maxwell, R. F.; Palmer; Prebble; Robinson; Wilde.

Majority against: 12

Motion negatived.

Oh dear me, Phil Goff didn’t want to preserve state assets back in 1988, neither did Jim Anderton, or Ross Robertson, or it appears Trevor Mallard. Can we really believe them now when they say what they say about asset sales.