Poor people are using chemical toilets in Christchurch and the government is wasting money on this

No wonder we are borrowing $380m per week. Our money was used to promote a singer. In a competitive market where those that are any good make a fortune and those that?aren’t?any good need a hand out.

The Music Commission has helped her to pick up a $59,000 taxpayer grant from its Outward Sound scheme.

Good move Bill, lets give a hand out to a rich listers daughter why we are at it.

Creative New Zealand paid for King Kapisi and Bella Kalolo to play at the Glastonbury Music Festival. A European tour by Ladi6 is also being subsidised by taxpayers. And New Zealand on Air gave $50,000 to subsidise an album by Annabel Fay, daughter of rich-lister Sir Michael Fay.

Just keep adding it to the tab, no one will notice.