Quelle surpise

I don?t know where they get this stuff from, but apparently those stupid Aussies think Ahsan Ali Syed?s nothing more than a scammer, and are actually doing something about it.

AHSAN ALI SYED had all the trappings of wealth: the monogrammed private jet, a European football club, a retinue of minders and the obligatory bling – lots of it.

But now, thanks to some angry Australian victims, the net is closing on the man described as the Bernie Madoff of India.

Over the past year the Indian-born Mr Ali, 39, has scammed an estimated $100 million from Australian investors alone. With other victims in England, Ireland, Malaysia and, most recently Korea, authorities have no idea how big Mr Ali’s fraud might be.

The scam is simple. Through his company, Western Gulf Advisory, which has offices in Bahrain and Switzerland, Mr Ali offers to lend troubled businesses up to $US200 million ($190 million) from his own personal fortune, which he claims to be $US8 billion.

This is itself incredible since only six years earlier Mr Ali departed London in a hurry leaving behind a grubby flat and owing thousands of pounds in unpaid rent and council taxes.

”There can be no doubt that WGA is a fraud,” Andy Bryce, a solicitor from Melbourne law firm Evans Ellis, said.

Has anyone told Terry?

More to the point has anyone told the Commissioner of Inland Revenue?