Random Impertinent Questions

Just exactly what sort of dirt did Howard have on Gerry and Simon?

Why did John Key support them?

How can someone be put forward for a gong when they were still in the job in February when nominations closed?

Is this corruption?

Why does National always reward its enemies?

What do Pike River, Howard Broad and the Red Zone all have in common?

How are they going to chase votes in Auckland when their party list ignores Auckland?

When will Metiria Turei stop telling lies and making shit up about MMP?

Was a Swiss Ball used while they were “hanging” together?

It took 266 days from Richard Worth’s resignation till the Police closed the investigation, so why are Labour calling for a quicker conclusion for Darren Hughes when only 73 days have elapsed since he fell on his sword/was pushed?

Why did they travel to New York together in 2009?

Why did Darrren Hughes use a ministerial car for the same trip with Paul Henry?

Why are tax-payers paying for Chris Carter’s travel for a job interview?

Why did Chris Carter tell anyone who would listen in the Koru Club that he spent 3 weeks with Helen on holiday?

Were you just a little bit sick in you mouth with the news?