Roy quits

The Dompost has an article about Heather Roy quitting politics, allegedly “on her own terms”.

The retiring ACT MP gives an exit interview to?Andrea Vance and paints her foe?Rodney Hide as an isolated figure.

When Heather Roy was sacked as ACT deputy leader and ordered to stay home for two weeks, she marched back into Parliament to confront Rodney Hide.

Now the defiant MP is leaving ? but she’s doing so on her terms.

The Wellington-based list MP, 47, is retiring at the November election after nine years in Parliament.

“The time just feels right,” she said yesterday. “I didn’t feel it was time to leave last August. That would have been the easy thing to do. But I was worried about the state of the party.”

Her demotion from consumer affairs minister and associate roles in defence and education tore the ACT party apart. In a leaked dossier, Mrs Roy described Mr Hide as bullying and menacing. A year on the rift hasn’t healed.

“The big low point was last year when I was dumped. And pretty unceremoniously.”

Mrs Roy said she decided to return to Parliament early when Mr Hide said she was “fragile”.

“In politics they say it’s not being stabbed from the back you have to worry about, it’s being stabbed from the front. It was pretty torrid and tough. But it is politics.

“I can’t speak for what Rodney’s motivation might have been … I’m not sure what was gained, nothing very much for the party.

“But do I bear any animosity? Not really. You just have to move on with life.”

Oh how she lies. Make no mistake that this pouring of?the?heart from Heather Roy comes as she realises that her time is up. After 5 attempted coups and 5 failures to roll Rodney Hide she knows she hasn’t a chance. They had to finally roll in a man to do the job.

Now she is facing the prospect of a stroppy, opinionated woman hogging her limelight and calling her on her own bullshit, she cuts and runs.

This little fluff piece is nothing more than Heather Roy hearing of Cathy Odger’s application to stand and then throwing the toys. We are truly fortunate that Don Brash has a tin ear when listening to the carping of losers and showed her the door when she said she would quit if Odgers stood. His leadership is strengthened now with out a poisonous, duplcitious, lying, bac-stabbing loser sitting there undermining him.

She got Donned, it certainly wasn’t on her own terms that she is leaving. Good riddance to her.