Six plus Gerry? Come on pull the other one

Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee was left in a jam today.

He, along with six of his advisors, ended up trapped in a lift for around 30 minutes while heading to a select committee hearing this morning.

Brownlee said it did result in some “forced closeness”.

He said he did try to work out if they could chip a hole to get a cup of tea through.

Gerry Brownlee is a diligent minister who has done his best to ensure all the pie shops in Christchurch have been restored to their post earthquake glory as a matter of huge priority. The poor bloke has been singlehandedly attempting to keep them afloat too, so it is no surprise he was stuck in a lift.

But really, I’ve seen Gerry’s advisors and there isn’t a lift in parliament that could cope with three plus Big Gerry let alone six of them. I doubt he was begging for a cup of tea either.