Sky City, Sneaky Len and Phil Goff

Rather than attack the Prime Minister over Sky City, Labour and the Greens need to take a good look at themselves? or rather their operatives in Len Brown?s office.? We all know that Conor Roberts is a master campaigner (hell, he got Len there) but who else is in that office that might have something to gain from the Sky City deal.

James Bew-Hair is a former Government Relations Manager for Sky.? Mr Bews-Hair went from being a Senior Private Secretary to Hon Phil Goff, a stint with TUANZ and then to Sky City.? At Sky City he was heavily involved in the lobbying around Labour?s Responsible Gambling legislation ? or should I say lobbying AGAINST the Responsible Gambling legislation, especially with regard to pokies.? Mr Bews-Hair has also been pivotal in the appointment of subsequent Government Relations Managers at Sky City, including Sifa Taumoepeau (former Labour staffer).

So, Mr Bews-Hair (on behalf and with Mayor Len Brown) put together a deal with Sky City so that Sky City would build and pay for the convention centre.? In return for what?? Well, the lovely thing for the Mayor is that the ratepayers don?t have to pay for the convention centre.? And you know that Theatre that all those councillors thought they were voting to get built? well, that?ll all be included in the convention centre ? under Sky City?s banner (with Len cutting the ribbon he hopes).? Have the councillors who voted for the theatre actually checked how many caveats are in place around getting that theatre built?? Oh yeah, it?ll happen?ummm, not using ratepayer money.

So, the ratepayers of Auckland do win.? They won?t have to pay for a convention centre (which are always dogs) or a theatre.? But what are Sky City expecting in return?? All Council related functions (including CCOs) to be held there (imagine the catering and accommodations costs)?? That seems a bit simple.

Or are Sky City expecting the Mayor of the largest Council in the country to lobby Government with regard to pokie and gambling legislation?? Hmmmm? so it is only the right who have relationships with Corporates?? Have a good hard look, Greens and Labour.? Labour run the risk of the Mayor of Auckland outperforming the central Government wing of the Party.