Sneaky Len lies to Auckland again

Len Brown really is making a reputation for himself as sneaky and furtive.

Mayor Len Brown has announced a $6 million cruise ship terminal will be built on Queens Wharf before the public have a say on a new waterfront masterplan.

Mr Brown broke a promise to consult Aucklanders on options for a cruise ship terminal and refused to release a review of those options, which was one of his 100 projects in his first 100 days.

His unilateral decision to go with Queens Wharf – the matter has not gone before the Auckland Council – is at odds with his election promise for a cruise ship terminal on Captain Cook Wharf and instructions to Waterfront Auckland in November to include Captain Cook Wharf in the master planning process.

“We will then go through a three- to four-month discussion with the community and confirm our final options for the development of the waterfront, in particular the cruise ship terminal,” he said in November.

He has broken another election promise and side-stepped the council, ruling now by executive fiat, but at the same time trying to slip it all through very sneakily.

Yesterday, Mr Brown made no apologies for deciding on Queens Wharf without consulting the public, saying urgent action was needed on the cruise ship terminal.

He promised to be inclusive,?consultative?and the Mayor for all Auckland…seems he is just the sneaky and furtive Mayor.