Steven Joyce tells "other people" to piss off

Steven Joyce made the sensible decision not to buy into Len Brown’s sneaky and furtive numbers around a CBD rail loop and did his own research. There was a massive discrepancy between what Len put forward and what Steven thought the benefits to Auckland would be.

Len is officially ??other people?, the type of person that advocates everyone else uses public transport but doesn?t use it himself. He wants to waste endless ratepayers and taxpayers money on dumb rail projects for ?other people? to use, which is something of a surprise given how badly he was caught out with his own use of public transport earlier this year.

Labour?s response has been typical. They blame everyone else and do not address the issue. They attack with emotive language rather than logical arguments. Labour are never able to accept that someone else might have a valid argument, and have labeled this a ?hate crime?.

Well done Labour. You are showing what an intellectual desert the modern Labour Party is, where formidable intellects like Phil Goff, Pete Hodgson and Trevor Mallard think they will win votes by having their campaign manager go to war with a blogger.

I expect that the entire campaign will be made murky by the left trying to suppress arguments against anything they believe in. They will play the man, not the ball, and this election will go down as the dirtiest in New Zealand?s history. Rule number 7 says this pig is certainly looking forward to it.