The big deal about Political Consultants

A month back Trevor Mallard launched an attack on political consultants. He got a great deal wrong, pretty much all of it. It was laughable how wrong he was as he spun stuff straight from Rodney Hide and from a couple of bitter Nats. He even falsely used a number that I gave him. That is by the by now though. However I raise it so that we can put the latest revelations into perspective.

Labour has also constantly attacked National for utilising in the past political consultants Crosby|Textor. All the while these allegations were going on and the smears against honourable people were mounted by political cripples like Trevor Mallard they were in fact using their own overseas consultants like Blue State Digital, the same folk who ran Obama’s?campaign?and now we find that long time ALP activist and professional campaigner Sandy Rippingale is also helping Labour by attending campaign meetings in electorates and regions.

Now don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with using political professionals, the problem lies when you create the impression that you don’t use them yourself.

If we look first at Blue State Digital, Labour has now adopted an identical font and other online techniques utilised by the Obama campaign, they are certainly harvesting emails like Blue State Digital specialises in, but there will be more on that later in the week.

Sandy Rippingale is a political professional (Been around since Bob Hawke) and I have no problem with her helping out Labour. She is no low level ALP peson by any stretch of the imagination. She has a political pedigree that labour campaigners here can only dream of.

What I do have a problem with is Trevor Mallard’s rank hypocrisy in attacking Kiwi based political strategists. It seems he is quite happy to outsource to Aussies when there are capable and proven campaigners like Conor Roberts out there.

Since Trevor Mallard seems intent on outsourcing political advice to Aussie campaigners, what I want to know is whether or not?Walt going to be helping Trev?

Or will they just stick with Sandy?

Why didn’t they give Conor a call, he would be so much more effective than the political cripples running Labour now or Aussie scabs taking Kiwi jobs.