The folly of List MPs

Phil Twyford is getting his knickers in a twist because Rodney stopped a car for a photo.

Since he went on and on about it, and distracted himself writing hundreds of questions to ministers here is that photo. I rang Rodney Hide and after he swore at me and called me a dirty rotten coup plotter, I asked him about Phil’s post and the alleged photo he took.

He said he did take a photo because he noticed when he was driving to a function that there were two List MPs office across the road from each other and both in an electorate they aren’t the MP for. I asked him for the photo and he sent it it. Here it is.

Phil Twyford and Tau Henare junking up the joint with their offices

So here we have an electorate with perhaps the most parliamentary representation of any electorate in New Zealand. Te Atatu is blessed with not one, not two, but three MPs. Two of the finest List MPs that parliamentary services money can buy and Chris Carter.

Rabid mouth foamer Labour lickspittle “Anne” says:

Anne on Red Alert digs a holeAs usual trying to justify and weasel out of everything. Slagging off Chris Carter as NOT a Labour MP. Just like 1984-1990 has been erased from Labour’s history books so too has Chris Carter, a man the local elected to represent Labour in Te Atatu.

She notes that ALL List MP s have offices in their respective electorates. There is a massive flaw in her argument. List MPs are?the?creatures of the party and do not have electorates. Though following her line of argument that they ALL have offices you do have to wonder how many Phil Twyford has? After all he was the man for Mt Albert until Phil’s mate needed a job, then he was the man for Auckland Central until David’s girlfriend wanted to stand there, and then he was the man for Waitakere until the unions spiked him and now it appears he is the man for Te Atatu after Judith said she didn’t come back.

Perhaps an easier question to ask, one with a shorter answer would be, Which electorates in Auckland hasn’t Phil Twyford had an office in?