Thoughts on Goff this morning

Goff?s performance on Morning Report over his mishandling of the Darren Hughes affair was utterly awful.

Labour’s Phil Goff breaks silence on Darren Hughes.

He has now admitted on the record, that he won?t be telling the public about any police complaint against any Labour MP until after the media finds out.

If the cops are investigating Labour ? he won?t be telling us. Which surprise, surprise is exactly what has happened again. The Police have charged a labour staffer and Labour must have known about this for weeks.

The claims of a media ?frenzy? are ludicrous and show that Labour?s at least and certainly Phil Goff are still in denial over all this.

Phil Goff himself made the ?frenzy? far worse for Darren Hughes by covering it up for more than two weeks, and then changing his position at least three times when the media started asking questions.

Hell, when his office was first approached about it his staff lied denied it and then, of course, came the forced apology for hypocrisy over the Labour-led attack job on Richard Worth. All?vestiges?of natural justice didn’t exist for Richard Worth when Phil Goff was leading the charge for the sacking of Richard Worth.

Quite why he was so reluctant to agree that Darren Hughes displayed ?poor judgment? this morning is curious.??He certainly wasn?t afraid to say that after Hughes resigned as an MP, he?s on record repeating it often.

I seriously thought that by the time Goff returned from his Greek wedding (those Leaders funds are useful for all those overseas trips in recess) he would know how he would answer the tough questions.

Clearly the first round of the Darren Hughes saga has taught him precisely nothing. Let’s see him start to front up over their appalling information and data security. Chris Flatt and Moira Coatsworth certainly haven’t.

Is it any wonder that I am demanding the installation of Fred Dagg at the top of Labour’s list?