Todd/The Jackal is a dirty plagiarist

Todd/The Jackal is a dirty plagiaristI saw a post at The Standard (no link because they play silly buggers) today that was a re-post of one from a lying shit-bag called Todd who also goes by the name of The Jackal. He must be a good loyal Labour?lieutenant?known to both caucus members and the staffers that blog at The Standard because they?have?taken to re-posting his filth on a regular basis.

Today’s post was hilarious though. It was clear it wasn’t written by him, for a start it didn’t abuse anyone nor did it have any gramatical or egregious spelling errors.

His post is entitled The 25 Rules of Dis-information. It is posted without attribution. The Standard also re-posted it and they have attributed it to Todd/The Jackal.

Except it isn’t his post and he didn’t write it. I thought it didn’t sound like the mouth-foamer so I cut/pasted the first Rule into Google. From there it was a simple matter of joining dots.

The first link I found that wasn’t either The Standard, Todd/The Jackal’s plagiarised piece was a blog called How the Hell Should I know, who had posted?their 25 Rules of Dis-Information 5 days earlier than Todd/The Jackal. They had attributed the 25 Rules to another site.

That site: Washington’s Blog had also posted the 25 Rules of Dis-information but 3 days earlier than even How the Should I Know. Washington’s Blog has this rider at the bottom of the post:

Postscript: I don’t know who wrote these rules, so I don’t know who to credit.

Fortunately someone helpfully posted a link to the original post and the author, H. Michael Sweeney. Turns out he is a bit of an author. Generally they don’t take too kindly to people stealing their work unattributed. Sweeney’s work also attributes the work of ?David Martin and his Thirteen Techniques for Truth Suppression. Sweeney does acknowledge this influence. Todd/The Jackal has claimed it all as his own.

Copyscape also provides other sites that have used this exact text that Todd/The Jackal claims as his own.

Now readers might be wondering why I am bothering with an obvious mouth-foamer. Well this is the same person who famously tried to sue, but has strangely gone quite, David Farrar for amongst other things copyright breach. Farrar also famously sooked out over that and removed the post. I still have it on my site but the coward Todd/The Jackal hasn’t said boo about it to me. Probably chicken.

Todd/The Jackal is also the person behind my parody Twitter account. Same spelling errors, same ranting invective.

The reality though is that his online persona of a Jackal has become hauntingly accurate. He is feeding off the leavings of other authors. He is nothing more than a dirty plagiarist. The real joke is on Labour and The Standard who continue to post his (or not his in this case) articles.