Whaleleaks – Dompost follows up and raises even more questions

Tracy Watkins has followed up the story about the NZEI emails.

Labour insiders confirmed they were aware of an email from NZEI to those who signed the petition, sent on Friday, explaining that some of their names had ended up on Labour’s database.

The email addresses were obtained from tens of thousands of postcards calling on the Government to reverse cuts to early childhood funding. People who signed the postcards were told they were destined for Prime Minister John Key, but they were presented to Labour MP Sue Moroney instead.

Labour then uploaded the email addresses on its database, supposedly so it could contact people who protested to tell them that Mr Key had refused to receive the postcards.

But, according to the NZEI email, only some people appear to have received such an email.

There are two files on Labour’s servers, I have copies of them, that contain thousands of email addresses.

Labour Party president Moira Coatsworth and secretary Chris Flatt did not return calls yesterday.

But party insiders rejected suggestions there was a breach of privacy because details of those who took part in the postcard campaign would have been available under the Official Information Act had they gone to Mr Key’s office.

There is a very large problem with Labour’s insiders whispers to Tracy Watkins. For a start even if the details were able to be obtained under the Official InformationAct, and that is suspect right from the get go, it would be illegal for those people to then be contacted about something else by an organisation that they did not give permission to for them to use their personal details.This lie is easily disproved, all the media have to do is ask under?the?OIA for details of petitioners on any petition they choose that has already been presented to the PM.

Can you imagine the howls of outrage now that people who signed a petition can now?have?their personal details released to anyone who cares to OIA the petition. And according to Labour they are then free to use those details to their own ends.

As we have seen from the NZ Post case this is a serious breach and one which Sue Moroney at the least and Labour have appeared to have breached.

Labour’s weasel excuse doesn’t hold water and now additional questions need to be asked. Since Chris Flatt and moira Coatsworth appear to be in hiding then it really rest on Phil Goff’s shoulders to answer some of these questions at this stand up today.

The huge irony of this situation is that labour now stand accused of the very thing they were accusing me of.