Whaleleaks – Goff keeps on lying

Phil Goff gave an interview on bFM where he lied about the ECE/NZEI email harvesting.

He said:

PHIL GOFF: ?.But on the other thing on the website, yeah, that sort of thing happens, regretfully the National Party was involved in gaining information from that system, it’s not actually confidential information, it was a petition that people had signed about early childhood education, and it was some donations to the party in regard to the Stop Asset Sales campaign, but you know, obviously Whaleoil was threatening to divulge private information, I think the party, the National Party, although it’s been two hours downloading it from our site, warned them off from doing that.

Where do I start. The information was confidential information. We know this because the NZEI has complained to Labour about it. Labour had no right to that information, they stole it from the petition results. If they didn’t steal it then it was given to them by the NZEI, in which case they harvested the details themselves and passed it to Labour. Since Phil Goff doesn’t think that all those signatures and emails aren’t confidential then perhaps I should just publish the two csv files full of teachers email addresses that they left lying around on the internet. (Just so Phil knows what I am taking about the files are called?ece_postcards_d621c508caeee97e4a6adcb6445be714.csv and ece_postcards_9ebd3c5a3c97643dd445657547546cf2.csv . Go ahead Phil check to see if the NZEI wants those files put on the internet, again)

The petition was in the form of a postcard. Here it is:

ECE Postcard

Nowhere on that postcard, either side, is any?suggestion your personal?information is going to be stolen by Labour, or even given to them. The campaign isn’t a Labour party campaign and for Phil Goff to suggest that it is is yet another lie.

If Phil Goff doesn’t think donation information to a political party is confidential information then lord knows what he thinks is. But then again this is a man who lied about a comment by Don Brash in a private meeting with US officials.

Does he not know that Whaleoil, is me, it is not them. He should know, he refused to come on Close Up with me once. For the record and becasue Phil Goff would rather lie, the National party has not been in contact with me about this information, either before I broke the story nor after. As if I would listen to their advice anyway. He obviously hasn’t been checking out the smears by Trevor Mallard that says I am in the pay of Don Brash and the Act Party now. The two contentions of Labour can’t both be right.

I didn’t release the confidential inforamtion because this is not about the struggling person who donated $6.60 to Labour, it is about the fact that they allowed me and god knows how many other people to gain their information, including DoB information, 18,000 emails and 450 odd donations.

Labour can talk all they like to the Privacy Commissioner, they are the ones in breach not me.

The hilarious thing is that Phil Goff, in trying to smear National, tells the world that they let their opponents access their site for more than two hours.

Of course I was in their database and site for much longer than that, over several months. That doesn’t seem to matter a bit to Labour.

Phil Goff and Labour, from Chris Flatt and Moira Coatsworth chave handled and continue to handle this in the most apalling way. They show no contrition and prefer instead to lie and spin. There is no one else to blame for this huge breach of privacy other than themselves.

Well, we will just have to see what else comes out of the files I have won’t we.