Whaleleaks – NZEI and Labour up a tree

Labour has been caught harvesting email addresses from a union’s protest to Parliament.

The addresses were collected from 20,000 postcards the New Zealand Educational Institute teachers’ union sent to Prime Minister John Key over early childhood education concerns.

Key refused to take the postcards so Labour MP Sue Moroney took them.

And without the sunlight of Whaleleaks?we’d never know that Moroney either:

a) took the emails without authorisation,?or,
b) the NZEI gave them to her willingly and knowingly.

Of course the plan was to make sure?the people who shared their information?with the union -?would?never?know how Labour got their details.

NZEI national secretary Paul Goulter told members the postcards had been given in “good faith” and Labour was not allowed to use the information for other purposes. He said Labour was told the union was “very concerned” and demanded the emails be deleted.

Yesterday I released the email that Paul Goulter had sent out. He mentions that an email had already been sent by Labour. That email was from Phil goff and was about their asset sales campaign, a campaign that started well after the emails were harvested from the NZEI.

The text of that email and the delivery details are:

Stop asset sales email 1
Delivery Summary
Intended Recipients?6190
Succesful Deliveries?6190 (100.00%)
Bounces?0 (0.00%)
Unsubscribe Requests?19 (0.31%)
Scheduled Date?April 8th, 2011 2:41 PM
Start Date?April 8th, 2011 2:44 PM
End Date?April 8th, 2011 5:35 PM

Hi {contact.first_name}

National wants to sell our assets that previous generations have worked hard to build up. Last time National sold our assets they were bought up by foreign buyers. Power prices rose and billions of dollars in profits went offshore.

Under Labour there will be no asset sales. Our plan is to build up our assets so they’re part of growing the economy, and part of providing a secure future for you and all Kiwi families.

On Monday night in Auckland I launched Labour’s campaign to stop asset sales.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be ramping things up with billboards, fliers, signage and online activities – including a few things we haven’t tried before.

I’ll keep you up to date as things progress but I’m writing today to offer you the chance to be part of the campaign by sponsoring a ‘stop asset sales’ sign and to ask you to show your support for the campaign online too.

If you want Kiwi assets to stay in Kiwi hands please make a secure online donation right now:


Your donation will be put to immediate use in printing stop asset sales ‘stop signs’ which are showing up nationwide (check out the photos here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?id=177063955675166&aid=35637). They’re a powerful way to spread the Stop Asset Sales message but we need your help to cover the country with them.

The signs cost $10 each to produce. Every extra one we have at our disposal is a great help to the campaign. Please consider sponsoring one or more by making a secure donation here:


If you support keeping Kiwi assets in Kiwi hands please also show your support on our Facebook page, make sure you follow the Stop Assets Sales campaign on Twitter and forward this email to a friend – these are highly effective (and free) ways of helping to spread this important Labour message.

Thanks again for getting behind the campaign to protect New Zealand’s assets.

Kind regards,

Phil Goff

Labour Leader

PS. Writing a letter to the editor is another easy way to express yourself on this issue.

If you’re able to write a few words right now please click here for a list of newspaper email addresses: http://labour.org.nz/letterwriting

To unsubscribe: {action.optOutUrl}


This email is referred to in the NZEI apology.

“Some sig?na?to?ries may have been sent this email in April.??Others of you may not have received anything.”

So Moroney’s follow up (the shorter list of names) sounds?like the names of those who didn’t protest after receiving the first unsolicited email.

In other words, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED already.

The NZEI had just helped Sue Moroney recruit thousands of sympathisers on this single?issue.

Quite apart from the egregious lies in the Phil Goff email, I’m also smirking?at the line about the NZEI not being ‘affiliated’ with any political party.

This is of course complete rubbish – because the NZEI is?affiliated with the?New Zealand Council of Trade Unions,?and?the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions is, according to Wikipedia,?closely affiliated with Labour.

Labour and the NZEI have some ‘splaining to do. Some questions that I want answered are:

  1. Did the union provide the harvested emails in electronic format to Labour?
  2. Did Labour harvest the emails themselves?
  3. Where was the harvesting done and by whom?
  4. Does Labour have any idea about spam laws?
  5. Will Labour destroy the harvested emails?

More to come on this later today, including the mail that Sue Moroney has yet to send to all those harvested email addresses.