Whaleleaks – NZEI non-political?

When I busted the Labour party for harvesting emails from an NZEI organised petition Paul Goulter the union ?boss was quick in a letter to point out that the NZEI was non-political.

NZEI?pro?vided the post?cards in good faith to Sue Moroney to present to the Prime Minister.??As an inde?pen?dent organ?i?sa?tion that is not affil?i?ated to any polit?i?cal party,?NZEIdid not, and does not approve of any unau?tho?rised use of per?sonal emails.???We never give per?sonal infor?ma?tion to polit?i?cal par?ties or organ?i?sa?tions to?use.

This of course is horsehit. Labour and the NZEI have a cozy little deal going.

They have the same sort of?lackadaisical?attitude to information security that Labour has. On their website they have an?interesting electorate-by-electorate plan to attack the Government don’t you think?

NZEI plans for campaigns against the government

Since they will probably take it down it can also now be found on Scribd.

So let’s just stop pretending that the NZEI is a non-political r even independent organsisation. They are holding hands with the labour party, if they aren’t sharing data with them then they are tacitly giving approval for the labour party to harvest data from postcards that were addressed to john Key not to the Labour party.

The NZEI is clearly aligning themselves with Labour, there is little point in National actually bothering to engage with them now.