What is Daljit Singh up to these days?

Well, it appears he is helping a Labour MP and a Labour candidate visit the Takanini Gurudwara.

Daljit SIngh, Michael Wood and Rajen Prasad

Rajen Prasad and Michael Wood visited the temple on the invitation of Mr Daljit Singh who is currently facing charges of fraudulently enrolling voters in the recent Local Body elections. He was also pictured as one of Len Brown’s loyal supporters. I notice that Labour isn’t calling for a speedy resolution for this candidate for his pending court case.

The case which has serious implications for local democracy is still in the courts yet Labour MPs are visiting the temple and associating with this man. ?A shameful exercise indeed for Labour’s rising star, Michael Wood, not only to visit the temple along with Rajen Prasad but to promote Daljit Singh further by presenting him a memento.

From wanting to ban penis lollies in Botany to now being associated with an alleged vote rigger, Michael Wood is certainly working his way into the cheating ethos that besets the Labour party.