What will happen with National's List Ranking?

As readers will now know I am not actually aligned to any political party, nor a member of any, although the other half of Whale v Duck seems to think I am in the pay of both ACT and National depending on the day of the week and who he needs to flare out at. Duck really needs some anger management courses so he can concentrate on the campaign rather than fighting an asymmetrical war with a right wing blogger he can’t win.

National has been useless at sorting out its candidate selection, and unless a lot of whitewash is employed in the campaign review the President and Campaign manager will both get a good kick in the arse for not getting it done last year. That means list ranking, traditionally undertaken by regions at regional conferences has not happened yet.

Yesterday’s post on Epsom said that the tipline reckons Captain Panic Pants is getting a new shipment of antacids in preparation for the Labour onslaught about National being a bloke-fest, and not at all diverse. The highly publicised candidates college was supposed to address this, but it didn?t happen, with only Maggie Barry taking a safe blue seat, and she wasn’t even in the candidates college! It seems that for National diversity means a white bloke, some with brown hair and some with gray for diversity. I’ll explain the conundrum.

The new National Candidates are:

Mike Sabin- Northland
Mark Mitchell – Rodney
Maggie Barry – ?North Shore
Claudette Hauiti – Mangere
Scott Simpson- Coromandel
Ian McKelvie – Rangitikei
Leonie Hapeta – Palmerston North
Jonathan Fletcher – Rimutaka
Paul Foster-Bell – Wellington Central
Sam Collins – Wigram
Jo Hayes – Dunedin South

The following are going to be MPs as they are in safe blue seats:

Mike Sabin – Northland
Mark Mitchell – Rodney
Maggie Barry – North Shore
Scott Simpson – Coromandel
Ian McKelvie – Rangitikei

So Captain Panic Pants fears will come true, four of the five new MPs going to be men, so there will be a jack up of the list ranking process as no one really wants CPP to lose it completely. Tomorrow the merits of each candidate will be covered.