Who is to blame for National not having completed selection yet?

National have been very, very slow at selecting candidates this cycle, and they have yet to complete the selection for Epsom. An election only occurs every three years, and that year is well known, yet National were not able to select candidates for the marginal seats of Palmerston North or Rimutaka until well into 2011.

They have also stuffed up selecting people early enough for list ranking to be completed at regional conferences, which is the standard set out in the constitution and the point of the regional conference in election year. So list ranking still isn’t complete and we are still waiting to see who will be the sacrificial lamb in Epsom.

The post election review needs to ask the very hard question ?Who is responsible for this total screw up that was clearly avoidable if someone competent had have done something??

There are two main contenders for the blame, the President, who is responsible for the party, and has no role in governing as his job is to make sure the party is well funded and has plenty of candidates selected early enough. The president does not hide behind ?We were busy governing so didn?t do selection until 2011.? This is total bullshit because the party has no role in governing, they run the party, not the country, and that?s the way it should be. Unelected party hacks running the country is what Labour do, not what National does.

The other person who needs scrutiny is the campaign manager. Any decent campaign manager would have been thumping the table in early 2010 demanding candidates were selected early so they would have the most chance of winning. There are no weasel clauses that says the campaign manager isn’t responsible for all aspects of the campaign management, and the campaign manager should have just thrown a temper tantrum and yelled at everyone in sight. All the good burghers would have then ducked for cover and and candidates would have been selected early enough.

Right now it just looks like a bugger’s muddle is running the party. When the heat comes on and cheques need to start being written is when the next pressure point will be revealed in National’s poor planning for the election.