Why doesn't he just shut up then

Phil Goff says that the?referendum?on MMP is for the public to decide not politicians,?then he goes right ahead and keeps chucking out his views. The man can’t keep his views lined up in a single?statement?to the media.

He says this year’s referendum on MMP is for the public to decide, not politicians.

Nice one Phil, you should have stopped right there, but nope, you just blundered right on in.

But Mr Goff says one change he would support is to stop parties that get under five percent support being able to bring in other MPs if they manage to win an electorate seat.

“You get somebody like Rodney Hide elected in Epsom and he can coat-tail four other MPs after him whereas any party that gets under five percent normally wouldn’t have representation.”

Last election ACT managed to return to Parliament with five MPs despite getting fewer party votes the New Zealand First.

Perhaps Phil Goff doesn’t see himself as a politician. I note that he doesn’t ?mention that Labour got into power off the back of Peter Dunne in Ohariu doing the same thing and Jim Anderton as well snuck in extra MPs. For a person who doesn’t believe in politicians meddling in the MMP referendum Phil Goff sure has a lot to say.

This looks Labour and Phil Goff have really decided to run with Duck’s Stealing Underpants campaign plan.