Why is Jacinda Ardern more conservative than Whaleoil?

In a total cop out Jacinda (Neigh Neigh) Ardern avoids supporting Gay Marriage. You would think she would have learned a thing or two about her constituents feelings on the matter with all the bar hopping in Ponsonby and the Viaduct she has been doing hand in hand with David Parker. This however puts her on the more conservative end of the social spectrum, in marked contrast to this blog which has a long stated policy on Gay Marriage:

Anyone silly enough to want a mother in law deserves one.

This is a clear points victory for Nikki Kaye who rabbits on about her big gay festival that she wants us all to subsidise before clearly stating her position on Gay Marriage:

If legislation came before Parliament I’d vote for it.

This is no surprise as the tipline suggests Nikki is desperate for a mother in law of her own and probably can’t see why others shouldn?t have one too.