Would she comment on the Brethren?

Annette King is suddenly all tolerant when Shane Jones and a few other MPs spoke at Destiny Church’s meeting at the weekend.

Asked about Mr Jones’ attendance at the conference, Labour deputy leader Annette King said MPs were allowed to go most places.

“I haven’t really got a comment to make whether he went to Destiny Church, Catholic church, to Presbyterian church or no church.”

She had no comment about Destiny Church’s views.

She does however have numerous views on whether or not people can make appointments or meet with the Exclusive Brethren

General Debate 10 Sep 2008

Hon ANNETTE KING?… in my diary, so I just went. I saw him. I am not quite sure who set it up.? John Key also said exactly that about the?Exclusive Brethren. He said the?Exclusive Brethren had an appointment in his diary, he did not know who set it up, and he does not even …

Imprest Supply Debate 6 Aug 2008

Hon ANNETTE KING?… flops, his lack of principles, his memory loss, his confused statements, his insecurity, his secret dealings with the?Exclusive Brethren, and his own comment about the stealing of emails from Don Brash?s office, which he tried to blame on the Labour Party?…

General Debate 21 May 2008

Hon ANNETTE KING?… in New Zealand. It is an agenda that would see a return to the master-servant relationship that was promised to the?Exclusive Brethren in 2005. Already we have National members of Parliament going around speaking to business groups and telling them that …

Electoral Finance Bill -?In Committee 11 Dec 2007

Hon ANNETTE KING?… may have had a different result. They were not prepared to own up. In fact, Mr Brash could not remember meeting the?Exclusive Brethren. John Key still does not remember receiving the email about the money that was being spent. Is it not amazing that he …

General Debate 16 May 2007

Hon ANNETTE KING?… has had to own up. That man was a former police officer in Dunedin. He is the same man who was employed by the?Exclusive Brethren to dig up dirt on the Prime Minister and on Labour MPs and their families. He is a proven liar. Wayne Idour lied to …

Political Funding?Sources 24 Jul 2008

Hon ANNETTE KING?… and now there is no accountability as to where that money came from, what trust it came from, whether it was from the?Exclusive Brethren, or whether it was from the fishing industry, the insurance industry, or the tobacco industry. The money went into the …

Hon ANNETTE KING?… vehicle it is?controlled and managed by Mr Browne, along with Mr McCully, to hide its donations from people like the?Exclusive Brethren. I think any questions about the Spencer Trust would have to be directed to New Zealand First.

Election Advertising?Political Party Logos 24 Jun 2008

Hon ANNETTE KING?… it has to say where its money comes from, and it has to declare whether the money comes from its big backers like the?Exclusive Brethren. That is what National does not like.

Electoral Finance Act?Election Advertising 6 Mar 2008

Hon ANNETTE KING?I think the issue of putting proper addresses on authorisation came out of theExclusive Brethren pamphlets, where addresses at which no one lived were put on. Fake addresses were put on, and the National Party …

Hon ANNETTE KING?No, I have not received any advice on that, but it is a very interesting idea, and, obviously, I think the?Exclusive Brethren?

Hon ANNETTE KING?… to do it. In response to the question, I say that no, I have not received any advice on that, but I would say to the?Exclusive Brethren that if they are planning the sort of campaign they had last year, they too ought to get advice from the Electoral …

Electoral Finance Bill?Interpretation of Clause 80(d) 6 Dec 2007

Hon ANNETTE KING?I think my colleague is right?not the?Exclusive Brethren.

Another classic case of weapons grade hypocrisy from Annette King. Every other?denomination?in new Zealand is fine for Labour MPs to meet but not the Exclusive Brethren. For them Annette King and Labour reserve nothing but denigration and abuse.

They are despicable hypocrites.