A bit rich

Jim Anderton is whining that increased youth unemployment causes increased youth suicide:

Youth suicide rates will peak over the next two to four years because of “shockingly high youth unemployment rates”, a Christchurch MP says.

Progressive MP Jim Anderton said high suicide rates followed high unemployment “as sure as night follows day”.

“Teenagers in New Zealand face high levels of unemployment, crime and depression and that is materially worse on all these scores than the average in other developed countries.”

He said New Zealand had more than 500 suicides each year.

“In the nineties, four peak years of youth unemployment were followed by the highest youth suicide rates in the Western World.”

The country would soon see a repeat, he said.

Perhaps he could explain why it is that he voted for the removal of youth pay rates that has demonstrably led to the massive increase in youth unemployment.

When he is done doing that he could then explain the correlation between kids killing themselves and having a shithead for a father who beats their mother on a regular?occurrence.