A Coded Message to Goff?

Charles Chauvel released a press statement the?other day about National’s deal with Peter Dunne for the seat of Ohariu.

But if you look at the release again you see that maybe it is really a coded?message for Phil Goff?

First he says:

“This, plus the fact that Peter Dunne has been an MP for 27 years…. has seen?voters grow both wary and weary”

Now there is another party leader that has been round for almost as?long….Labour Leader Phil Goff.

So is this code for “Phil, you have been around too long now, it is time to?go, you have had 25 years and now the public is wary and weary of you…go?quietly or we will need to roll you.”

Then Charles goes on to say:

“Faceless party bosses aren?t the people who should decide who the MP for?Ohariu is going to be.”

Now not that long ago a certain candidate who was around when McDonalds first?opened in his electorate was foisted?upon the?people of the electorate by “Faceless party bosses” and Phil Goff…something
that is happeneing again in Epsom with the Labour Party foisting another?candidate on the electorate.

So is this another warning to Goff that his time is about to end?

Could well be. However it is nice to see Charles Chauvel overtly decry MMP and the dirty deals that the system encourages.