A Poll Gap of 26% means Trevor is R***ed

Back on July 18, just a bit over a week ago I wrote that a poll gap of 26% would see Labour’s crippled campaign manager tipped out of Hutt South.

In?Hutt South, where Labour?s crip?pled cam?paign man?ager has a major?ity of 4086 over for?mer Welling?ton Rugby Cap?tain Paul Quinn. This is with a 11% gap in the polls in 2008. In 2011 a 26% gap means that Paul can expect to win 350 votes per 1% change, so a 15% change means a swing of 5250 votes to Paul, or a nom?i?nal major?ity of?1164.

Labour will need to divert resources away from the mar?ginal seat of Rimu?taka where it is defend?ing Chris Hip?kins nar?row major?ity to Hutt South to save Trevor. Bad luck for Chippy who won?t make it back in on the list, and really bad for Labour who have over?loaded Mal?lard with the Cam?paign Man?agers role, as well as him being busy fight?ing?an?asym?met?ri?cal?war he can?not win against a blog?ger who can?not lose. Duck is pretty busy any?way, with?out need?ing to have to cam?paign in his seat against a fiercely com?pet?i?tive opponent.

With the latest Fairfax poll delivering a smack to the head of Labour, the logic still stands and it will be bye, bye Duckie come November 26.

Too stupid to steal underpants