About stitch ups

Labour is being silly again accusing National of a stitch up in the Epsom selection. It would be funny if it wasn’t so outrageous that a party with the?selection?processes of Labour complains about a system where there are a minimum of 60 delegates each with their own mind and their own vote. The only party that has stitch ups for selections is Labour.

Never mind that it appears Labour is doing it’s own stitch up in Epsom by parachuting in David Parker so he can be close to his new partner, whomever that should be this week.

Obviously the new Labour dream team have had a bit of a communications break down and aren’t getting their?messaging?aligned. Looks like Cunliffe is on the outer as Grant Robertson helps David Parker get the numbers to roll Goff.

They are still prevaricating about whether they roll Goff before the election or after. Nonetheless the counting is happening. Tomorrow I will post on why they should roll Goff now so they can still be relevant in 2014.