ACT's ad

ACT has published a new ad. Shamefully the DomPost refused to publish it though I can’t see why. Politics is a bout a contest of ideas not for newspapers to decide what can and can’t be said.

ACT ad

From my point of view, I think that this ad shows the undue influence of being designed and agreed by a committee of overly verbose men who rate their own pontification above those of the ordinary people.

I am?interested?in politics and I only read the whole ad because I forced myself to. It is yawningly boring and only the most sychophantic ACT member would?have?read the whole thing.

Politics is about simple messages and ACT now runs the risk of running the same boring long winded campaign they ran last time. When Don Brash goes with his gut?instinct?he is so much better than this. I think he may well?have?been over ruled by the committee, that contains the same people who took a simple resolution to the board by Don Brash to form a campaign committee and turned it into a 3 page epistle that ties everyone in knots. This ad is the result of that resolution.

I should think that after this add John Ansell should be looked in a back room, John Boscawen should concentrate on getting in the money and Chris Simmons should resign. Its a cock up and sends all the wrong the messages. Don Brash needs to seriously consider whether or not his campaign team are a team or a bunch of muppets who like the sound of their own voice.