American teacher unions getting the picture on National Standards

Looks like our teachers union are copying some of the American teacher unions game plans, but not all.

Most of the meeting was in keeping with the NEA?s reputation for dogmatic opposition to education reform. New Business Item #93 slammed Teach For America, which recruits graduates of top colleges to teach in high-poverty schools. Another resolution described 13 things the NEA hates about U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. One delegate running for a seat on the NEA executive committee gave a speech comparing anti-union politicians to Hitler. He was elected, defeating an incumbent, soon thereafter.

Then they get sensible.

But the most consequential vote of the convention was also the biggest departure from the union?s usual hard-line stance. After months of internal negotiations, the NEA endorsed the use of student standardized test scores, along with other measures, to evaluate individual teachers. Delegates who oppose standardized testing on general principle cried ?sellout,? and worse. But by then it was too late. The last major interest group opposing rational teacher evaluation had bowed to the inevitable. In doing so, it gave a boost to President Obama?s domestic agenda, clarified the future course of public education, and offered a hopeful lesson for those who believe that facts and logic can bend the arc of public policy toward the greater good.

No way this will happen here. Teachers here advocate breaking the law rather than having testing.